6-Month Leasing Agreement

Customer Responsibilities:
It is the sole responsibility of the agent to request installation/removal. Any agent's failure to do so resulting in lost/damaged or stolen post (Property of Sav-On Signs)  will incur a lost post charge of $45.00.

Placing orders online.  This is to ensure the accuracy of the address and to ensure that we receive your request since a confirmation number and email will be generated at the time the request is placed. With account access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week submitting a request has never been made this easy

Each Installation fee is per listing. The post is to remain at the listing location until requested for removal. If moved, you will incur a lost post fee until the post has been returned in undamaged condition to our facility by your means. For listings active longer than six months there will be a renewal fee of $16.00 for that listing to reactivate leasing agreement. Sav-On Signs reserves the right to automatically bill the customer the renewal fee. Sav-On Signs reserves the right to remove the post after the 6-month leasing agreement. 

It is Sav-On Signs Post Installations policy that only Sav-On Signs Post Installations employees remove or install our rented equipment.

Service Charge:
If we attempt to complete a request and we are unable to do so, due to a wrong address, wrong directions, no gate code or refusal from a tenant, you will incur a $15.00 trip charge to go back and complete the request.

Second Removal Attempt (post not available during 1st removal).

Service Call (Re-visit to the property per customer request. panel change, etc.).

Vacant Land:
Must be well marked with a marker, to make visible to our installer. A copy of the plat map is needed to help with the particular location before installation is scheduled. If there are special instructions on the service request that state that a marker will be present, and it is not, our installer will use their best judgment for the location If no information is provided a delay in your request may occur. Service Call $15 (Re-visit the property per customer request. change the location of installation, panel etc.).

Sign  Storage:
We offer a free service of storing For Sale and For Lease Signs. Signs are the property of the agent, and It is the responsibility of the agent to keep track of sign inventory. We may discard of any signs that appear unprofessional, disfigured, fading and graffiti. We will attempt to contact you by means we have available. If we cannot reach you by these means, signs will be discarded without further notice.

Personal Property:
We ask that you remove any personal property from the sign post before we pick it up, such as riders and info packs. We are not responsible for any of these items that are still there when the sign post is removed from the property. We do not store riders or info packs ONLY For Sale and Lease signs.

Sav-On Signs Responsibilities:
Install and remove sign posts per the service schedule. Tucson metro work orders are completed, with the exception of Holidays with-in 2 business days, however, delays can result from incorrect information given on the service request form, service outside of our standard service area, extreme weather conditions, dogs on the property or if you or your office was out of sign panels.

Follow all instructions from the customer as to the location of placement, with regard for all ordinances and regulations. If there are no special instructions, our installer will use their best judgment for the location.

We guarantee our workmanship and materials for 30 days from the date the post-sign was installed, and we will service the post free of charge within that time period. If the post has been up for longer than 30 days, there is a service call charge to reinstall it.

It is Sav-On Signs Post Installations policy that only our Independent Contractors remove or install our rented equipment.

In the event of sprinkler line damage, Sav-On Signs Post Installations will make every attempt to repair the damage. If the damage is immediately observed by the installer, the repair will be made on the spot. If the damage is reported within 72 hours, an installer will return to the address to make repairs. Sav-On Signs Sign Post Installations does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if not given reasonable notice and time to remedy the situation.

Manage and provide storage for realtor signs prior to installation. In the case of damage or loss prior to installation, provide compensation by replacing with a sign of comparable value.

In such case that a customer breaches the agreement, or Sav-On Signs Post Installations determines continued post rental would pose a risk of post loss, Sav-On Signs Post Installations shall terminate the service contract, remove all rented equipment from any/all properties of said customer, and return signage belonging to that customer.

By filling out and submitting the installation request form, you understand and agree to the post-agreement terms and policies.

Thank You, We appreciate your business!

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